Hypocrisy between the parties in the USA

I am a fierce defender of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because we come from the same idea that climate change is a massive problem and ignoring it isn’t helping anyone it isn’t an issue that you can pacify people with by creating a ‘new policy' it does require people to act boldly and decisively. The problem with that is that after republicans in the US went through four years of T**** where they were apologetic and got what they wanted suddenly now want Biden/Harris supporters to reach across the aisle, ummm reminder after Hillary lost did any of You-Know-Who supporters reached across the aisle to compromise No!

So why should democrats decide to help and compromise with republicans if they haven’t been able to reach a common-ground idea since 2016. It doesn’t make any sense because T**** supporters are living in an alternate, brainwashed and delusional universe that is slowly ingesting itself after Jan. 6 after all when for the last 5 years you have been told that only people who say nice things about him are telling the truth and everyone else is party of “the fake news conspiracy” even if its on tape and has been fact checked by multiple independent specialists but who am I? Just a delusional liberal who wants to help people and hold others to account for their actions. Pretty simple right. Except the word liberal is now conflated with the percieved notion of elitism, when some on the other side have gone to Ivy League Colleges and gotten qualifications bought and paid for like Jared Kushner or Donald T**** Jr.

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